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Gatwick South Pick up Point

Gatwick south pick up point is found by standing in the arrivals hall facing the "Information Desk" then look to your left, you will see an exit sign, go towards it and continue along the moving floor. At the end of the moving floor you will see a pedestrian crossing (slightly to your right) taking you to the car park, turn left as you enter the car park and you will come to lifts on your left, take the lift to ground level, exit the lift turning left immediately NOT crossing any traffic lanes. Walk forty paces and wait there your taxi driver will be waiting there displaying your name.


Please ensure you switch on your Mobile Telephone as your driver will be calling you about 20 minutes after landing.




We'll see you there.

If you have any problem following these directions please call us on





we will assist you to find your way to the pick up point

0800 121 6202

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How will I find my Driver

when I land?


what if I get lost !

Dont' worry your Driver will call you when you land

and give you all the help and directions you need!


all you need to do is switch on your mobile phone.

That was easy!


Glad I remembered to switch on my phone